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Our conveyancing services

We provide online conveyancing services and whether you are selling or buying a house or, like the majority of our clients, doing both at the same time, or simply refinancing, we will be able to help you.

Why online? We obviously have an office, but we simply try to always be available. We understand that with all the emotional upheaval and extra work involved in moving houses the last thing you need is redundant paperwork, confusing vocabulary or unnecessary meetings. And if you are working 9 to 5, then when exactly are you going to visit the lawyer's office? That's why we are called 'online'. Simply call us or send an email and we will take care of the rest!

Besides, we always make a point of keeping you informed throughout the transaction as well as quote you prices up front so you know from the outset how much you'll have to pay, with no fear of hidden or escalating costs.

Your designated property solicitor will work with you all the way through and you'll be able to get phone and email updates on a regular basis. You can also use our own Online Tracking System where information about your matter is updated in real time.

Please go to 'About us' section to see our Standard Terms of Engagement and Information for Clients that we are required to provide by the Rules of Conduct and Client Care for lawyers.

More information about our services is available below. 

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