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Conveyancing - Buying a property

When purchasing a property it is imperative to fully understand your legal rights and obligations before making the final commitment.

We will assist you with the sale and purchase agreement, examine and report on the title, deal with all enquiries from the other party's solicitor, ensure that all relevant searches are made, liaise with your bank and complete the settlement of your transaction. 

We can advise and assist in contract clauses that will protect your interests. Remember, should things not go as planned, everything comes back to what is contained in the contract. So, it's best to ensure the contract covers you and your unique situation.  

If you are buying at auction, the deal is generally unconditional and apart from having all your finances sorted out, you must have conducted all your due diligence before hand. If provided to us, then for a small fee we will be happy to go through the proposed sale & purchase agreement as well as all other relevant paperwork and highlight any areas of concern.

Allowing Kiwi Conveyancing to handle all of the legal aspects of your property transactions can decrease risks, save you money, avoid frustrating delays and save you a lot of stress.

Our conveyancing fees

For standard residential purchase conveyancing we charge $1550*. 

*Includes GST, LINZ title search and registration charges, one mortgage only. Please see 'Our fees' page for more information.

Please proceed to our 'Contact us' section if you would like us to act for you on the basis of the above quotation. Alternatively, please ask your real estate agent to nominate us as your solicitor on the sale and purchase agreement and we will take care of the rest.